Table Mountain Trail Information

Table Mountain Trail

Location: Near the town of Glacier WA
Rating: Difficult.
Length: 3.8 Miles
Elevation gain: 1391 feet.
Time to Visit: Late summer to early fall.
Access: Best used from July to October. A Recreation Pass is required to hike the trail.

Table Mountain Trail, located in the stunning Cascade Range of Washington State, offers outdoor enthusiasts a breathtaking adventure amid rugged terrain and panoramic views. This challenging, yet rewarding, 3.8 mile hike is renowned for its alpine meadows, wildflowers, and unparalleled views. As well as walking along the cliffside, you’ll be scaling the face of the mountain, and reach an elevation gain of 1391 feet. The trail unfolds into a level “tabletop” like walk across the top, inviting you to drink in breathtaking vistas spread out before you in a panoramic embrace. You’ll be able to cast your eyes upon snow decorated rugged mountain peaks, as well as the vibrant greenery down below.

An array of wildlife calls Table Mountain Trail home, even at its impressive altitude. Hikers might find mountain goats living up to their name, or deer, marmots, and various birds in the sky. 

It depends on what season you visit, but there might still be small patches of snow, even during the warmer months, so come prepared and tread carefully! Hiking poles are recommended during larger stretches of snow. Due to the danger of hiking steep slopes on snow, the trail is best used from July to October. Exercise caution and check trail conditions before attempting the climb.

Friendly words of caution: This trail is probably not suitable for those that have a fear of heights. Due to how steep the trail is and its difficulty, pets are not allowed. 

To reach Table Mountain Trail from the Glacier WA, follow State Route 542 (Mount Baker Highway) East for approximately 17 miles. Turn left onto Forest Road 54 (also known as Twin Lakes Road) and continue for about 3 miles until you reach the well-marked trailhead. Parking is available at the trailhead, where you can begin your hike into the scenic Cascade Range. A Recreation Pass is required to hike the trail.

For those who enjoy expansive views and are up for a challenge, Table Mountain Trail is an absolute must visit.