Nooksack Falls Information

Nooksack Falls

This 88 foot waterfall is located in Whatcom County, Washington State. Ideal for families the trail is a 0.1 mile round trip. It is rated an easy hike. Dogs on leash are welcome. No parking passes or entry fees. Surrounded in lush forest, the waterfall cascades against a rugged backdrop making it a picturesque view. Circular type parking lot.

Location: 8 miles east from the town of Glacier WA.
Rating: Easy Hike.
Length: 0.1 miles round trip.
Elevation: 2550 feet
Points of Interest: Picturesque views of the Nooksack waterfall cascades.
Weather: Due to avalanche paths that exist on the trail, it is highly recommended to hike this trail between July and October
Parking: Circular type parking lot.
Access: No parking passes or entry fees, dogs on leash welcome.

The name Nooksack originates with the Coast Salish peoples who lived in the region who spoke the distinctive Lhéchelesem language. Nooksack translates to “always bracken fern roots” illustrating the close bonds the indigenous peoples in the region had with the land. This majestic 88 foot waterfall is located in Whatcom County, Washington State. The waterfall is surrounded by healthy forests containing the mighty Douglas Fir, Red Cedar, and Hemlock trees. The clear, blue, almost mirror-like water can be traced back through a narrow valley protected by sturdy stones. A mosaic of moss and stone forming the waterfall is a beautiful sight to behold and it is reinforced by the circumambient mist caused by the gentle collisions of the cascading fresh river water.

Nooksack Falls are readily accessible for anyone yearning to experience the enchanting Pacific Northwest. You won’t be needing any parking passes or entry fees, making this 0.1 mile (round trip) long trail the perfect family destination. Dogs are also welcomed, as long as they are leashed and kept close by. A true sight to behold for nature lovers, various recreational activities can be enjoyed at the Nooksack Falls which include hiking, photography, or even a lovely picnic.

To get there from the town of Glacier WA, it’s a leisurely 8 mile drive. First, you’ll drive down east using Mt. Baker Highway, (State Route 542) and then turn on Forest Road 33. You’ll soon find a sign for Nooksack Falls and circular type parking for the trail. It’s recommended that you visit this trail from March through October for the best weather outcomes.