High Divide Trail Information

High Divide Trail

The High Divide is a 13 mile trek located in the Olympic National Park in the State of Washington, USA. It has a 5930 foot elevation gain, and is rated moderate to difficult. The trail is one of the first to melt, making it a good early summer choice. Dogs that are on leash are allowed, and a National Park Pass is needed. If staying overnight, an overnight backcountry camping permit is required. Best time to visit is between June and October. In June, the low temperatures average in the mid 40s F and the high temperatures in the high 60s. In October, the low temperatures average in the low 40s, while the high temperatures average in the high 50s.

Location: Near the Town of Glacier in Washington State.
Rating: Moderate to difficult.
Length:13 miles.
Elevation: 5930 feet.
Points of Interest: One of the first trails to melt, expansive views of the North Cascades.
Weather: It is highly recommended to hike this trail between June and October.
Access: A National Park Pass is required as well as a Overnight Backcountry Camping Permit if you are staying overnight. There is a toll booth and park entrance fee.

The High Divide is a stunning trail near Glacier in Washington State. The trail is a must for any person who enjoys nature. The hike remains engaging throughout, offering otherworldly vistas and varied surroundings. The High Divide is a perfect showcase of the unparalleled natural beauty that resides in the Pacific Northwest. Annually, it is one of the very first trails in the region to thaw and melt making it a welcome destination for eager outdoors folk. With that being said, the recommended time for a visit is from June to October. The High Divide is a magical place where you can saunter through various mini biomes as you complete your hike. You can walk among legendary old growth forests then enjoy gorgeous wide open wildflower meadows while having access to expansive views of the North Cascades. 

The 13 mile trek is rated moderate to challenging. With the inclusion of the Seven Lakes Basin loop, the trail extends to 18 miles. The 5930 foot elevation gain along rugged terrain makes the trail suited towards experienced hikers. Experienced doggies may tag along too, as long as they are leashed up. It is uncommon for hikers to attempt the trail in a day, it is usually broken up into a multi-day trip. Outdoor enthusiasts can steep themselves in a calm aura produced by the tranquility of the lakes nearby. To enter, hikers will need a National Park Pass and to stay overnight, an Overnight Backcountry Camping Permit is required.

In the mountains, weather can act unexpectedly and hikers are suggested to be prepared for a variety of different weather conditions. The area teems with wildlife, offering opportunities to spot black bears, mountain goats, deer, and various bird species. Hikers should practice bear safety and maintain a respectful distance from all animals.

From Glacier, Washington, travel east on Mt. Baker Highway for about 12 miles to the Hannegan Pass Trailhead. Turn left onto Hannegan Road and continue for 5 miles to access the High Divide Trail. As an alternative, drive approximately 24 miles on SR 542 to the Heather Meadows Visitor Center and then 2.5 miles to Artist Point. To reach the High Divide, use any designated path from either trailhead. Verify trail conditions, secure required permits, and pack appropriate hiking equipment.