Damfino Lakes Trail Information

Damfino Lakes Trail

Location: Near the town of Glacier in Washington State, USA.
Rating: Moderate.
Length: 1.6 miles (out and back).
Elevation gain: 360 feet.
Time to Visit: Late Summer to Fall.
Access: A Recreation Pass is required at the trailhead.

Nature lovers yearning for tranquility and the beauty of the outdoors will not be disappointed by Damfino Lakes Trail. Tucked away in Washington State’s Mt. Baker wilderness, the Damfino Lakes Trail presents (with no surprise given its name) a stunning mix of peaceful lakes, verdant forests, and awe-inspiring alpine scenery. This 1.6 mile out and back trail offers a moderate challenge and is an ideal candidate for a secluded nature retreat. 

Alongside the trail’s gorgeous lakes are lush coniferous forests that boast generous canopies providing any visitors with plenty of shade to walk under. You will encounter charming little wooden bridges in healthy meadows that burst with a vibrant display of wildflowers, particularly during the summer months. Among the blooms are shades of blue, purple, red and orange, creating a coruscating view. These flowers create a stunning tapestry of colors, adding to the trail’s natural charm and providing a delightful sight for hikers and nature enthusiasts alike.

Not just notable for its scenic beauty, Damfino Lakes Trail serves as a cozy home for the various animals that reside nearby. Be on the lookout for deer by the lakeside, birds hunting for fish near the water’s edge, and other smaller animals exploring the surroundings.

Similar to the surrounding areas, the best season to visit this trail is during the late summer to early fall seasons. During this time not only are the flowers blooming, but the weather is temperate and the snow levels are minimal. Be sure to check online for trail conditions before venturing out.

The nearest town to Damfino Lakes Trail in Washington State is Glacier, offering essential services and serving as a gateway to the Mount Baker area for visitors. From Glacier, Washington, take Forest Road 31 (Canyon Creek Road) east for about 9 miles. Look for the Damfino Lakes Trailhead on the left. Park at the trailhead and follow the marked trail to reach Damfino Lakes. A Recreation Pass is required at the trailhead. Dogs that are on leash are welcome to enter the trail as well.

For hikers wanting a “Goldilocks Mama Bear” trail that offers a decent challenge without being strenuous, the delightful and idyllic Damfino Lakes trail is surely the choice to go with.