Artist Point Lookout Information

Artist Point Lookout

Location: Near Glacier WA.
Elevation: 5100 feet.
Points of Interest: For non-hikers, easily accessible by car, and amazing views of the Northern Cascades.
Weather: Due to snow, the lookout is closed during the winter. Opening day is July 4th as the State trucks the snow out by then
Parking and Access: Approximately 200 spaces available.

Artist Point Lookout has expansive views of the Northern Cascades located at a 5100 foot elevation that is fully accessible by road that terminates at a parking lot that will hold 200 cars. The road closes in the winter due to a substantial snowfall. The snow is trucked out in the summer (by July 4th) to permit vehicle access. Restrooms and picnic areas are located at the nearby Heather Meadows.

Mt Baker Cabins

The beautiful Artist Point Lookout is situated at an impressive 5100 feet. Don’t fret! It’s easily accessible through paved roads making it a perfect destination for a scenic drive. The spacious parking lot holds an approximate 200 cars. Adventurers driving up to Artist Point will need sunglasses to protect their eyes from  the pristine blinding snow. 

Located amongst the breathtaking Northern Cascades in Washington State, Artist Point Lookout boasts an impressive 360 degree panoramic view of the surrounding mountain terrain, glacier valleys, and alpine meadows. Lay your eyes upon the esteemed Mt. Baker and the absolute wonder that is Mt. Shuksan. The juxtaposition of lush greenery and  jagged mountain rock decorated in snow is breathtaking.

An ideal spot for any photographer, the trail contains many opportunities to capture the stunning natural beauty the lookout has to offer. As well as a variety of bird species, there are also mountain goats and marmots which make exciting photo subjects.

Although Artist Point is easiest to reach in the summer and early fall, the weather in the area can be quite unpredictable. Visitors should be ready for sudden changes, and check for updates on the USDA website or the Mt. Baker website. The sudden weather changes could entail cold temperatures and snow even during the summer. The road to Artist Point typically closes after the first major snowfall and remains closed until late spring or early summer when it’s safe to clear the snow. The snow is trucked out by July 4th (Independence Day) to ensure access to anyone wanting to lay their eyes on the trail’s gorgeous views.

It’s important to note that there are no significant facilities for the public to use, however the nearby Heather Meadows have restroom and picnic area amenities. Be advised to prepare food and water, as well as any outdoor clothing incase of any weather changes.