Heather Meadows Cafe Information

Heather Meadows Cafe

Heather Meadows Cafe is on the 2nd floor of the Heather Meadows Day Lodge near Mt. Baker in Washington State, USA. It’s open for the summer Friday to Monday, 11-5:30pm. Expect to spend $10-20 depending on your meal.

Location: 2nd floor of the Heather Meadows Day Lodge near Mt. Baker in Washington State, USA
Hours: Open during the summer, Friday to Monday, 11-5:30pm.
Average cost: $10-20 depending on your meal.
Plant-based options available: Yes.
Points of Interest: Locally sourced ingredients and incredible views from high up.

Heather Meadows Cafe is a charming establishment nestled in the picturesque landscape of Washington State, USA. The cafe opens for the season on Friday, June 28th 2024. The summer hours are Friday-Monday, 11:00am-5:30pm. Rumor has it that there are a few resident cats in the lodge that sometimes make star appearances. Be on the lookout for a furry friend! 

The cafe sources its ingredients by cooperating with nearby local farms and bakeries, boasting a brilliant variety of sweet and savory delicacies. Non-meat eaters can choose from an array of fantastic plant based options. 

The cafe is located just a small drive away from Artist Point Lookout near famous Mt. Baker. A true delight to all the senses, this café offers not only delicious hearty food and fantastic coffee, but also breathtaking views of the area’s natural surroundings. 

Those who visit Heather Meadows Cafe often rave about its friendly staff and inviting ambiance. To describe the cafe as aesthetically pleasing would be an understatement. The sunlight brought in by the expansive floor to ceiling windows compliments the wooden furniture perfectly. The customers who prefer to bask in the sunshine outside can sit at the outdoor bar and enjoy the unforgettable vistas the cafe offers. 

Hungry patrons can feast and indulge on menu items such as the “Simple Snacker”, a locally baked pretzel roll that includes a decadent sliced salami paired with a special Tillamook cheddar cheese. The mouth watering pretzel roll is just one example of many meals on the menu that also come with potato chips and a generously sized homemade cookie. Menu prices range from a reasonable $10 to $20 depending on the meal. 

The café is renowned for its freshly brewed coffee that is sure to give you the morning pep you crave. The non-coffee drinkers can enjoy an enticing selection of gourmet teas that pair beautifully with their freshly baked pastries. The menu also has many alcoholic beverages to choose from, beers, wine, cocktails, cider, and even a signature “Heather Meadows Mimosa”! 

Heather Meadows Cafe is distinguished not only for its flavourful food and expertly crafted beverages but also for its idyllic location and pleasant atmosphere. It truly is a must-visit not just for hikers, skiers, or outdoors lovers but for anyone exploring the natural wonders of Washington State.